Pareace-Laranza is a R&B/ Alternative/ contemporary Singer, Songwriter, Creative-Producer based in South-East London. With a distinctive, mellow sound. His music expresses the roots of his life experiences, and catchy hooks, carrying a unique tone.
Pareace was born on the 27th March 1995 in south-east London, His parents being Jamaican and Bajan (Barbados). Being half Jamaican and Bajan music was always played around him in and outside the house, music such as Reggae, soul and RnB. At the early age of 7 Pareace began to develop a strong passion for the Arts, Drama, Music and Dance, at stage schools and social clubs. He played various instruments in primary first ever being the recorder and secondary being the tuba. At the age of 16, Pareace taught himself guitar, piano and the drums and still is determined every day to learn something new. Pareace’s songs are based and influenced by his past and current life (everyday life, Love, friendships, people, and acceptance.) He would spend a lot of time writing over instrumentals developing his lyric skills and ideas. Leaving with his single mother at the age of 11 seeing her daily struggles and determination to feed his two siblings and himself, he knew he had to adapt strength, independence and sanguine. Also seeing his father who is a hard worker, determined and ambitious only makes him want to work extremely harder.
Performances from Pareace is second nature, His performances are life. He always makes sure he leaves the audience feeling energetic, inspired and in a good place. Pareace aims to find ways to inspire his determined followers. He is always finding a way to develop his musical ear and realise new music. The alternative RnB singer released his first E.P "Hidden Colours" in 2017 and is working on his second E.P for release this year 2018. Pareace studied at the Brit school for performing arts for 4 years studying musical theatre and music. He then went on to study a degree at The University of Westminster to study commercial music
Performance and graduated in 2016.
Extras/What’s next
To follow other projects, Pareace is a BV singer (backing vocals), for various artist and Songwriters artist too. Spending a lot of time expanding his thoughts and ideas whilst in the process of writing for the artists. His music influences include the likes of  Prince, Usher, James Brown, the weekend, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye to name a few.

Similarities to Pareace sound would be, the weekend, with a splash of Marvin Gaye, a drop of usher and Prince, and Kanye. When given feedback from his followers: “His lyrics are abstract, his performances are unforgettable, he breathes art!”